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Linear Shape LED Wall Graze Luminaire with Baffle and Cables Hidden Slot

LED Wall Graze luminaires can be installed parallel to a wall allowing consistent color and brightness over a long run, alleviating hot spots and scalloping. Wall grazing is achieved by installing Graze luminaires close to a wall to emphasize textures, while moving Graze luminaires further away from the same wall can produce a washing effect, evenly illuminate surfaces.

While wall grazing and washing are popular Graze applications, the luminaire has also been utilized in direct view, pathway lighting, arch and window lighting, outdoor cove, and ambient lighting applications. Graze works well when paired with other luminaires, especially as a fill-in light for areas other luminaires are unable to hit. Wall Graze can do a lot of things, but what it really does well, regardless of the lighting application being used, is highlight and differentiate the various segments and unique areas of any exterior architectural structure. Wall Graze is the right luminaire to use when you want to show off intricate textural designs on a building that are not always evident at a casual glance. Graze luminaires use light to magnify and highlight the little details that give any building its identity.

Rated Power:18/24/36W
Beam Angle:5°/8°/10°/15°/30°/45°/60°/90°/120°/15°*x 5°/15°x60°
Waterproof Level:IP65
LED Quantity:18/24/36pcs
Input Voltage:DC24V
Effective Flux:1-3m

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