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Photometric Testing Laborary for led lighting

The quality of our products is subject to strict quality control parameters. To guarantee the highest possible quality assurance, the LED products are regularly checked and rated by our in-house photometric test laboratory. Our optical test equipment is from Instrument Systems, the worldwide market and technology leader in LED measurement. The photometric laboratory of MBN allows the measurement of wavelength, colour temperature, colour spectra, colour reproduction index (CRI), radiant power, luminous flux among others and consists of:

-Spectrometer from Instrument Systems

-Integrating sphere 100 cm from Instrument Systems

-Goniospectrometer from Instrument Systems

-Spectra software from Instrument Systems

-Various calibrated filters, apertures, supports etc. from Instrument Systems

-Thermal imaging camera and heat chamber

The values measured in our laboratory are the actual values of the complete end products. Therefore they aren‘t just calculated (theoretical) values based on the data of the chip manufacturers. The values of the chip manufacturers were measured under ideal laboratory conditions and refer just to the chip (without optics, reflectors and case) and not to the complete end product, so these values do not correspond with reality in practise.

We have decided to provide the actual photometric data to our customers and not any theroretical and promotionally effective values as many other LED lighting manufacturers.

For all LED products measurement reports are available. It is to consider, that the tested values are momentary readouts of the respective test product. The manufacturing of LED chips is however subject to certain tolerances (due to conditions of production, different production batches), so minor variations among the same products can occur. We have to point out herewith, that our measuerd values do not guarantee certain product properties.

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